Katie (labuenavida) wrote,

today was a scary day because i felt mad twice today. but not like average mad, the kind of mad where my heart felt wierd and my chest was tightening up and my eyes were watering up and i couldn't think straight. that kind of mad. it was scary because i couldn't control it. and it was scary because i haven't gotten that mad in forever...maybe even years...and then it happened 2 times in the same day.

the first time was when mrs. peterson ripped the sign off of mr. burch's desk. and i have absolutely no clue why i got so mad about that. i honestly don't know. it just really set me off.

the second time was when i saw something that i knew was going to happen but i hoped never would...and when i saw it i went out of control. [yeah i have never played scales so fast in my life...anger management...anger management...]

i'm worried about how things are turning out.

& i'm worried about how to cut myself off from this awful situation i've put myself in.

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