Katie (labuenavida) wrote,

first order of business.


you knew it. you knew it.


tonight made my head spin.
it was amazing & sad & long.
i was so busy being in stress mode, where i make myself immune to things, that it was sort of a surprise to have time to feel sad or happy or surprised.

surprise being the key word.
[stars & stripes, 05!!, hugs, DMs, SLs, council, war chant]

good surprises and surprising surprises.
i saw my big sisters from 05.
& michael greene & robert farias & alex & brandon.
i remember thinking...if i missed them last years seniors this much, whats it going to be like when 06 is gone?

its funny how i got so caught up this year in just surviving until june 3rd that i forgot that i was also counting down til the day when some of the best people i know will be leaving.
the juniors my freshman year were the ones that adopted me & brought me into the "family". i owe a lot to them.

next year is going to be a lot different.
i guess you just have to learn to adapt.

oh & allison? 98.7%. :/


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