Katie (labuenavida) wrote,

i'm in washington d.c. right now :]

the trip has been fun...at first our family was really sick of each other but actually once we got to williamsburg for my grandparents wedding anniversary thing, everyone started magically getting along. it was weird. even though the place is a little creepy...its kinda like the stepford wives. complete with like (whatever number it is?)-course dinners and everything. (& yeah...panda express is wayy better).

whats really made this trip so far have been the people i've gotten to meet/see.

the first was the lady that i ran into at the airport. we were waiting for our luggage at the conveyor & i had on my interlochen sweatshirt thing & like the last thing i expected was for anyone to recognize it...but no kidding, this lady tapped me on the shoulder and she was like have you been to interlochen? & it turns out she went to the academy for 2 years and majored in flute...it was ridiculous!! we talked for like 20 minutes about her time there & her career and stuff.

& then when we got to DC we met up with my mom's friend from college named Cindy, the piccolo player in the president's own marine band...she took us to the rehearsal place of the band and let us come to the rehearsal as her guests...omg it was the most amazzzing thing to watch pros rehearse...they hardly stopped at all, it was ridiculousss. i was just sitting there like the entire time with my jaw to the floor...& they were so niceeee too! there were 2 other clarinet players there from interlochen, one that went to clark HS in san antonio.

then there was williamsburg...they have this like farmer's market thing on the weekends and my mom randomly saw her friend from college playing a music gig thing...she was the coolest person! she had like dreads and everything & she was a beautiful singer...so this morning we went out to breakfast & she told us all about her life as a travelling musician and everything. we bought her 2 CDs. & she was like the most down-to-earth person i've ever met.

after that i went to the barnes & noble there which was one of the only like...normal...places there & i was reading in a chair when this guy comes up to me with a german accent and this huge briefcase stuffed with textbooks and asks me to watch his stuff while he goes to get a drink at starbucks...so i'm like...uh ok? and i so i sat there with his stuff...and he comes back and starts talking to me & my mom and we find out that he's a physics professor in germany and that he's come up with some sort of theory for travelling faster than the speed of light? & he was telling us all this stuff about how he's tentative to release it because of the military consequences that might come from it and stuff. it was ridiculous.

so now i'm sitting at a hotel with internet access, the first one all trip. & i'm having an amazing time. but i'll be sooo glad to be home in 2 days. i miss my flute so much. which sounds ridiculous. but it's trueee.

lets hang out when i get back! :]


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