February 22nd, 2006


(no subject)

everything is fucked up and i'm not even kidding you.

as soon as i get the new flute i get it taken away. for long term.
my parents are mad at me.
i have to raise $200 before i get the flute back.
not to mention buy clothes for the spring break trip
and i have to miraculously start getting along with my dad.

not to mention that i found out someone's secret today
and it wasnt a good one.
plus today's hug was far far far from satisfactory. because i was thinking too much.

the 2 good things that happened to me today were:
1) i have a flute student now!
2) eric whitacre's 'sleep'

i want to be truly happy again.
but there's too many things holding me back.
including myself.

ps marissa diaz the reminder on my hand did not work one little bit.