April 23rd, 2006


so here's the deal

i kind of got myself into a situation and i need your helppp. i have to sell 60 raffle tickets by next sunday for yosa and i haven't sold anyyy so far. ok so here's why you should buy one right now:

the grand prize is an all-expenses paid trip to paris for 2 [$2000]
& if you dont win that then you could win a $500 to julian gold OR a dior gift from saks [$425]. and your chances of winning are like super good because i havent sold anyyy tickets so far.

is that reason enough or what?

ok so if you want to help me out [& you go to comm arts/taft] then find me tomorrow & i'll hook you up. the tickets are $5 each.

buy one & i swear i'll love you forever :]