June 11th, 2006


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i'm in washington d.c. right now :]

the trip has been fun...at first our family was really sick of each other but actually once we got to williamsburg for my grandparents wedding anniversary thing, everyone started magically getting along. it was weird. even though the place is a little creepy...its kinda like the stepford wives. complete with like (whatever number it is?)-course dinners and everything. (& yeah...panda express is wayy better).

whats really made this trip so far have been the peopleCollapse )

so now i'm sitting at a hotel with internet access, the first one all trip. & i'm having an amazing time. but i'll be sooo glad to be home in 2 days. i miss my flute so much. which sounds ridiculous. but it's trueee.

lets hang out when i get back! :]